This past Saturday I competed in my 2nd and probably final bikini competition. As much as I love bodybuilding, the competition scene is just not for me. Between all the dieting, exercising, time and money it takes just to make it to a show, there is no time or energy left to experience other aspects of the fitness industry. (Let alone enjoy a cheat meal here and there!) This city is busting at the seams with innovative eateries as well as fitness crazes usually obsessed over by a cult following. Yet these two industries make it hard to enjoy one or the other. I could easily eat Craftsman and Wolves' gooey-yolky-savory-muffin-perfection The Rebel Within daily. But that might undo all my hard work at my weekly Barry's Boot Camp class. Competing helps keep me on track. I am a trainer after all. I own a personal training business, Dynamo Fitness, in a city with a very competitive personal training scene. My body is the best form of advertisement. So it only felt natural to have something like a competition keep me on track; to lead by example. My clients love to see me walk the same path they do. They want to know that I am human and I too must work to create a healthy lifestyle. But competing does mean all or nothing.This lifestyle is not realistic for the average human, let alone the average San Franciscan. It is extremely hard to transition back to normal life. So how does one stay fit and feast?? This is what I intend to discover.

I am on the hunt. I am on the hunt for the best workouts this city has to offer. I am on the hunt for the best food this city has created. But most importantly, I am on the hunt to find a way to have it all! Expect the two worlds to collide in a glorious symphony of sweat and sweet! (That sounds kind of gross but you get the point.) Balance will be found between body and booze, between toned and tacos. I shall abolish Fitness VS Fatness and create Fitness AND Fatness!