Every fit boy and girl needs their survival kit. The BoomBoomBag will highlight my favorite products for my always on-the-go fit lifestyle.   image

Dove mini antiperspirant: Just in case this needs an explanation-my clients have enough to deal with during one of our workouts. My body odor should not be of their concerns. ($0.97, target.com)

Papaya Enzyme: Ok, I'm not perfect. Phew...glad that's out in the open. With that said, I don't always meal prep. That means I occasionally find myself eating unexpected things in unexpected places. A happy digestive tract will help the entire body run smoothly. So why not give it a little boost? Papaya enzymes help with digestion and gas. I'm a little sensitive to dairy products so I find these super helpful, especially because I'm all about Blue Bottle's latte. Mmmhhmmm....($13.99, vitaminshoppe.com)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: SPF x coverage for my totally adorbs sun spots and pink pimples. This moisturizer protects my face and gives me a beautifully refreshed look for my glorious, early AM Embarcadero runs. ($43, sephora.com)

Burt's Bees Grapefruit Cleansing Wipes: As much as I love a good sweat, it really takes a toll on my face. Throughout the day, I'll wipe off with one of these bad boys just to clean out my pores a bit. The grapefruit soothes my acne while giving my skin a glow that would make you average Twilight vampire jealous. ($5.39, target.com)

Traditional Medicinals: Behold! My favorite pre-packaged tea brand. They also are the creators of Smooth Move ( a gentle laxative tea that I'm a little too enthusiastic about. It definitely deserves an entire post to itself). I carry the bags with me everywhere. In the morning I just pop into a coffee shop for some hot water and a snack, usually a hard boiled egg or fruit. This dandelion tea is the perfect remedy for bloat and water retention. Ladies, especially during that thing that happens with the thing...*winky face* ($4.99, traditionalmedicinals.com)

Strong & Kind Bars: Well I didn't think it was possible but Kind bars are even better than before! Their new Strong & Kind line has the best salty sweet combos and 10 grams of protein. It's easy to stay satisfied with these in your bag. I'm positive the Roasted Jalapeño bar could be the most addictive thing since Doritos-minus all the MSG. ($14.72/box, Amazon.com)

Jay Robb Eggwhite Protein Powder: I love keeping a bag of protein powder on hand. If I have clients back to back, I'll just throw a scoop in my shaker cup and be on my way! I love this protein powder in particular because it's simply egg whites. This means I can drink it at any point in the day: pre workout, post workout, as a meal or a snack. It's low in sugar too! ($26, GNC)

Lululemon Layers: Lulu is known for their magical pants. They can make any booty look twice as toned and turn a few heads along the way. But I also LOVE their layering tops. Pictured is the Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve. It's light, easy to throw in your bag and perfect for that unpredictable SF weather. Bring on @karlthefog! ($68, Lululemon)

Nike Dri-Fit Feather Lite Cap: Just to reiterate, I love any fit apparel that can easily be stuffed into my bag. This hat is perfect for fitting in small spaces. It wicks away sweat and can be thrown in the wash without wearing down or losing shape! ($22, sportsauthority.com)

Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes: My latest read that explores the causes of obesity and the misconceptions of traditional diets. It's intriguing and highly controversial. I recommend reading with an open mind! I'll post a book review on the blog soon. ($29.92, barnesandnoble.com)

Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen: Neutrogena sun block products are light and by far the best at withstanding sweat without clogging pores-no oily feel either! I've ran entire half marathons without reapplying and never seem to get burned. ($11.99, walgreens.com)

Apple EarPods: These are key to being antisocial at the gym. Get in, put in the work, and get out. Always necessary when tuning out distracting conversations and unnecessarily loud gym patrons-especially when focusing on those final few reps. I carry mine with me everywhere. I prefer my little Apple ones because they don't get in my way and they're super portable. ($29, Apple.com)