Santa Claus Measuring Fat Belly Yes, I said it. Lose weight in December. Consider it a dare. Make it a competition with your friends. Do whatever it takes to prove that you don't have to gain weight during the Holidays. Here's the plan:


  • Reduce Portions: I love food. Sometimes I love enough for 3 people. Then I'll add a side salad because, of course, I need my veggies. This, my dear, is called overeating. I am sure you are familiar with it. It usually rears its ugly head around the holidays, office parties, family dinners, and Netflix binges. I've tried all the tricks to stop myself from overeating. I would turn off the lights in the kitchen. I would not allow myself to eat while watching TV.  I even went to Overeaters Anonymous after my first competition because I just couldn't seem to stop. But there was one trick that seemed to be the most effective out of all of them: share. Share your food. You heard me! Order one entree, maybe an appetizer and share with a buddy. You can't eat more food if there's none left! If you're at home, make only enough food--no leftovers. Now if you're eating veggies, don't worry about sharing. You need as many as you can get. In fact, getting full off veggies first will help keep your eating under control.


  • Walk daily: You'd be surprised how many extra calories get burned just by going on walks throughout the day. People who own dogs tend to be more fit because they have to get up and walk their pups! My favorite thing to do is walk after every meal, even if it's just for 5 minutes. It helps with digestion and prevents that lethargic feeling post meal better known as a food coma. Expect a nice little boost in the metabolism department and see results within a week.


  • Eliminate Sugar: Just for 25 days (not including your cheat day) eliminate sugar. No candy, no dessert, no fruit juices, no soda. I know it might sound hard but trust me, even after a week you will feel more energized and less sluggish.


  • Meal Prep:
    You know the deal. Our IG feeds are always filled with posts of tables with Tupperwares containing sweet potatoes, chicken, and asparagus. Before you freak, you DO NOT need to eat like that to lose weight. Just keep the carb intake low and avoid processed foods. Meal prepping yummy, healthy meals will take the guess work out of weight loss. There will be no issues of, "I was short on time so I just ran to the nearest restaurant and ordered that fried sandwich thing" or "Nothing around me was healthy so I didn't eat at all." Meal prep, people. And log your food while you're at it. It is one of the best ways my clients keep themselves accountable between our sessions.


  • Try A New Class: Put yourself out there! Buy a package for the month with a studio or boot camp so you have to stay committed. Trying something new will prevent your workouts from getting boring and will shake things up in the metabolism department. It's weight loss X fun! My absolute favorites are Barry's Bootcamp and the yoga sculpt class at Thriveability on West Portal.


  • Don't forget to Cheat!: I've discussed the importance of cheating in a previous post. It's a part of the BoomBoomBabe lifestyle. For this challenge, cheat 1 time a week. That means one meal or a few alcoholic beverages--NOT BOTH. This should solve the problem of what to do during all those holiday parties. After your cheat,  start the day off with my green shake (recipe in Lean Mean Green Machine post).

Stay tuned for recipes and tips to get your through the challenge! Follow @dynamofitsf on IG and @dynamofit on Twitter. If you have any questions or need a little motivational boost, contact at Coming up next...The Gift Guide!