If you're like me, you're still recovering from the holidays. A little green smoothie and this article should help. Whats the difference between a stripper and your new year's resolution? At least strippers are fun.

All kidding aside, whether you agree with stripping or not, there are some similarities. Resolutions, like strippers, get us excited. They tempt us with the fantasy that life could be different, better even. They lead us to believe that, even for a moment, we could have the seemingly unachievable. Each year we get excited at the idea of change. All the things that didn't work out last year, could work out this year. We stay hopeful that a change in the date could mean a change in our lives. That may make sense in a fantasy world, but in reality, January 1st is just another day. Yet for any fantasy to become reality we need a little more than wishful thinking.

Now I can't tell you how to snag a stripper, but I can help with your new year's resolutions. Each year I come across a few clients who strongly believe their resolutions will be the key to solving their lack of success in the previous year. Rarely do these clients end up successful. Now it's not that they don't want it bad enough. In fact they want it more than most. Maybe it's just that they're not doing it right; maybe the execution is wrong. Time magazine wrote a great article on the best way to tackle those resolutions that seem to show up on your lists year after year. My take on this article is geared towards health and fitness. I highlighted some of my favorite tips but you can find the full article here:


Start On A Monday

Don't worry about starting on the first day of the year. Start on the first Monday of the year. Starting on a Monday gives us the chance to plan and prepare. Weekends are for hitting the reset button. On weekends, I like to create my workout schedule for the upcoming week, food shop, meal prep and do anything else to help me have a successful week. By the way, guess what tomorrow is?

Don't Just Wing It

One of the most interesting points in this article is that the more you want your goal, the less likely you are to achieve it. When I read this, it took everything in me to not slam my head repeatedly against my desk. Once I took a few minutes to let it sink in, I realized how true it was. Every once in a while, I work with a client who convinces me they want to lose weight more than anyone I have ever worked with. I can see through all their emotion and passion, there is nothing they want more in life than to be healthy. And I believe them. I believe every word. Yet somehow, these clients are usually the ones who fail. According to this article, many people believe good intentions are enough to achieve their goals, so much that they don't even need to plan; that they will just work it out along the way. Yet that's when procrastination hits. It just goes to show that we cant just want it, we have to work for it too.

Do Not Have A Plan B

Though I don't recommend it, my business was started without a Plan B. As stressful as it was to get Dynamo Fitness to where it is today, I do honestly believe not having a backup plan is what kept the fire lit under my ass. That and very supportive parents and a very patient boyfriend. In hindsight, my most successful clients were the ones who found themselves in life or death situations. They usually were battling a life threatening disease caused or made worse by diabetes. They also tended to have families. Just a little food for thought.

Chop It Up

I LOVE making lists. I create color coded categories and draw little boxes next to each task. The satisfaction of marking off each box is thrilling. Don't judge. According to this article, I'm not crazy. Breaking down big goals into smaller tasks and listing them helps keep you on track to success. Need a year? Break it down to what you'll have to do each month to stay accountable.

Conserve Your Willpower

This concept of willpower being like gas in your tank is perfect. The article states that if you use your willpower to make one healthy decision during the day, it will be harder to make another healthy decision at the end of the day. One thing I really encourage my clients to do is plan their cheats. Decide what and when you will cheat with. This will help staying on track throughout the week and avoid temptation.

Good luck! Hopefully with these tips you won't need it!


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