As a trainer, your most important form of advertisement is your body. A fit, healthy body means you practice what you preach. I have been a trainer since I was 19. Since then, I try to take photos every few years to update my website and social media sites. My old boss from Crunch, Creig Nakano, is an incredibly talented photographer and one of his favorite subjects is SF. Of course, I had to rep the city I was born and raised in. I knew I had to hire him for my next shoot to get those perfect shots.  We started off at the Palace of Fine Arts then headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge. When he sent me the photos, they completely took my breath away. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at myself. I have no shame in admitting that. But seeing these photos with these beautiful backdrops was what really impressed me the most. He told me his goal was to make me look statuesque with these strong, iconic structures and he definitely achieved that. Creig was so talented at directing me to find the best position while also displaying the majestic views. These photos are everything to me. They highlight some of the most fantastic parts of San Francisco. They are a reflection of what my business is all about. They capture my essence as a trainer and an athlete.  Dynamo Fitness will be 3 years old in June. According to business and entrepreneur pros, I have made it through the hardest part. These photos, for me, commemorate how far my team and I have come. There have been some serious highs and lows but through strength, persistence, willpower, and a lot of sweat ;), Dynamo Fitness is on it's way to being the powerhouse I've always wanted. Just like that beauty of a bridge.

Thank you, Creig, for capturing that. Branding at its finest.










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