We have all been there, dieting for weeks and maybe only a few pounds of weight loss (which you really think might just be water weight).  We ask oursleves what we are doing wrong, we read as many fitness magazines as possible featuring articles like "561 Ways To Lose 30lbs in 8 Days!", or we just panick and do cardio for 3 hours (not advised).  With summer around the corner,  this is when my clientele base gets a bit bigger. People finally look for help outside of their favorite IG Fitspo account. Hell, I even hire trainers when I need a little extra boost! Call me crazy but it's hard to go to all these social events without gaining weight. Plus I  just really believe in what I do. ;) Vacations, weddings, graduations--it's just those last 10 pounds but they are stubborn as hell and your college roommate's wedding is in June and your Ex will be there but you're going to Cabo a week before where all you will be doing is drinking and eating your body weight in guacamole (no extra charge either because you're staying at an all inclusive). Just stop! Take a deep breath.  Just impliment these simple tips into that diet plan of yours and all will be okay.


Coffee, soda, even your favorite juice shop juice does not count. Summer starts June 21st. There's no time to mess around. Consume 1.5 gallons of water daily. It should be the first and last thing you put in your body daily. It's like gasoline for your body and it keeps everything running smoothly. 

Time Limits

Intermittent fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. The type I suggest is consuming all your meals within 8 hours. For example, if you start eating at 9am, you stop eating by 5am. Plan your meals carefully around your workout schedule. You should always have protein post workout and the occasional carb serving depending on the intensity of the workout. Try to eat a meal every three hours.

Meal Prep

Yes, meal prep is tedious and annoying. But just prepping a few things can really help with weight loss. It's very simple. Buy a carton of eggs. Boil them. Then BAM you have breakfast for the week! Eat the whole egg on low carb days and the whites on carb days. Eating 1-2 eggs a day with your morning coffee will help you eat less calories throughout the day than if you went without breakfast. Next, buy a pack of fresh chicken breasts. Throw them in the oven with a little salt, pepper, lemon and oil. Bake and pack! Throw one in a baggy then grab a sald or veggies when you're out to lunch and voila! You now have a clean protein with a good serving of veggies. Also you just saved yourself some cash. See how fun and easy this is!

To Carb and To Not Carb

Follow this simple rule:

HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUT/LEG DAY=CARBS (especially post workout. Limit fat intake on this day)

LOW INTENSITY WORKOUT/REST DAY=NO CARBS (increase healthy fat intake on this day.)


Oats in the morning.

Brown rice post workout.

Sweet potato at night.

*Serving amounts are based on your diet plan.

Plan Your Cheats

Yes, you can cheat! In fact, I encourage it. Cheating keeps the metabolism boosted and it prevents us from feeling deprived and binging. Just plan them! Say you are going out to dinner Friday night. You know the restaurant is known for their super carby, cheesy dish that's probably 3000 calories. You deserve to enjoy that dish without the taste of guilt. Keep that meal in mind all week and it will help you resist those stale cookies in the break room or that handful of over salted tortilla chips that you just have to have while you binge on Netflix. Trust me, the cheat is more worth it. With that said, when you cheat, eat clean and carb free the rest of the day. 

Questions? Need a meal plan? I'm a real person. I can help you with these things. :) 

Contact at dynamofitsf@gmail.com or 415-517-8679