Another summer is a month away and all I can think about is how I see the same advertising over and over. The fit world loves to capitalize on a woman's overwhelming need to achieve the "bikini body" for only 3 months of the year. What about the other 9 months? Do we just stop caring come September? Why do these advertisements play on our desperation? Where were these ads 6 months ago? What the hell is a "bikini body" anyway?? There is absolutely no way the typical "bikini body" can be achieved in one month. They're playing with our emotions and it's really not fair. So I wanted to share with you my secret weapons to stick it to the man (or woman) behind these cruel advertisements! Whatever your version of a bikini body, it's time to make it last all year.

What You'll Need:

 A Positive Body Image

To be very honest, and cheesy, if you don't have this you'll never be happy with your body. Now I know it's easier said than done so I recommend starting with a mantra. My mantra changes depending on my goals but I make sure it has nothing to do with esthetics and everything to do with positive, strong mind set. For example, if I feel insecure regarding my weight, I might say something like, "Every single pound of your body is a fantastic, beautiful building block that helps make up a strong, healthy, powerful human being." Then I say it in the mirror ten times. Even if I don't believe it by the tenth time, I feel just a teeny tiny bit better about my body than I did a few minutes before. Now that doesn't mean I'm ignoring that I need to improve, it just means that I will work towards those improvements sans body bashing. We can believe anything we want. The mind is stronger than any muscle in your body. It can make you healthy and it can make you sick. Exercise it.

A Great Tanning Regimen


Ok. I'm guilty. I go to tanning beds, 2-3 times a month, 6-8 months out of the year. I even justify it by spending $65/month on a membership at a tanning spa that is supposed to have some fancy shmancy beds with some fancy shmancy technology that is supposed to be kinda less dangerous than the average bed. Now if beds aren't your thing, I recommend St. Tropez self-tan products (! No orange and no nasty smell (ahem all you Jergens fans). The great thing about a good tan is that it hides undesirable lines and spots, creating an illusion of smooth skin and leaves you looking a couple pounds lighter. I try to maintain a tan year round. Of course, in the winter months, I don't go as crazy with the tanning because that just looks ridiculous. Sorry Snooki.

Dandelion and Oolong Teas

Bloat is one of those things that can kill a positive body image. Whether it's your period or that chinese food you chased a night of cocktails with, no one likes bloat. It adds on the pounds and can be the culprit for a major freak out on the scale. You've been busting your ass at the gym all week and nothing fits right so you just decide to stay home and avoid all social interaction. 

Stop it. 

There's a remedy. It's tea. Paritcularly of the dandelion and chinese oolong variety. I recommend David's Tea for the oolong ( or Traditional Medicinals for the dandelion (Whole Foods). 

A Balanced Diet/Exercise Plan This probably seems obvious but you'd be surprised how few people practice this year round.  Now whether or not you feel this is common sense, I'm going to explain anyway because no one likes a lazy blogger. 

If I could underline, italicize, or control B any word it would be BALANCED. Many times we tend to out ourselves through crash diets and excessive hours on cardio.  Not will these methods give you temporary result, they are also extremely dangerous. Let me paint a picture for you. It's something we're all familiar with. Your crazy, sun filled vacation is a month away. You've been busting your ass but you realize that cabbage and water diet isn't really helping now that you've transformed into a cardio bunny. You're low on energy and you're frustrated. You call your best friend sobbing because nothing fits and now your room is a mess because you tried every single dress in your wardrobe. Freakout Fest 2015  has officially begun. All your left with is regret and a bloated yum.  Please don't be this girl. Eat healthy year round. Enjoy treats once or twice a week. Work out regularly and as many different ways as possible. If you need help, a trainer at your gym totally has your back. :) 

Make this easy on yourself, ladies. A bikini body requires happiness inside and out. Be good to your body. Love your body. We all know there are plenty of people out there who don't want us to feel good about ourselves. Considering how hard we work to look and feel good, we ain't got no time for that! 

BOOM. Need a little extra help? I'm a pro. Ask me anything.