The bug to compete has bitten me again. I'm not talking about a bikini competition though. As awesome as bodybuilding competitions are, I'm pretty positive they're not for me. I'm truly grateful for the experience and respect those athletes immensely. I have learned so much about myself through those competitions, especially that if I could survive those diet plans, I could survive anything!  I'm slowly realizing I'm the type of person who has to compete to stay motivated. On one hand I wish the benefits of eating healthy and exercise were enough to to keep me on track. On the other hand my curiosity for various sports and types of exercise is what builds my expertise as a trainer, and my strength as an athlete. With that said I have decided it is time to cross something of my bucket list that I promised myself I would do before I was 30. Enter: the triathlon. 

Let me break this down:

Swimming, running, and biking all in one event. Biking, check! Piece of cake. I know how to swim, but I don't know proper technique. That's what research is for! I love the water though, so I think it will be fun. Now after both of these events I'm supposed to run. Ughhhh. Gross. Don't get me wrong I've participated in a handful 5ks, 10ks and even trained for the Nike women's half marathon by....weight lifting. That's how much I don't like running. I didn't even run to prepare for a half marathon. Granted I was simultaneously training for a bikini competition. Long distance running interferes with gaining muscle mass, so at least I had that excuse. Somehow I even managed to run it in 2 hours. Although I'm positive I owe that to sprinting from one porto-potty to another due to extreme bowel movements (aka I had diarrhea and almost shit my shorts 58 times along the course). The next week I was so sore from all the sprinting that I could hardly move. I also sprained the hell out of my ankle but didn't even feel it until later that day thanks to good ol' adrenaline. I was out of commission for two weeks.

I digress. The point is that I despise running so I need to be as mentally and physically prepared as possible. I can't have a repeat of NWM and have an injury slow down progress. I'm giving myself ten months to train, and I am aiming for April 30th, 2016; the famous Wildflower triathlon in Central California. I will have turned 27 a week prior. 

When you're in the business of personal training and especially when you own a business YOU are your product. To keep your product relevant and in demand you must keep it fresh, adding improvements and making changes. Putting myself through these different athletic endeavors not only makes me a better athlete, but it makes me a better trainer. I'm constantly reminding myself that if I want to be a good teacher I am first and foremost a student. So throughout this journey I plan on documenting my failure and success; my WTF moments and my YES moments hoping to pass this knowledge onto so that one day you'll try something like this too. Comfort zones have a funny way of reminding us that playing it safe is boring and stunts growth. I hope to inspire you to take that first step out of your comfort zone and into your unknown. Whether it's a triathlon or just a new workout I hope you just try something new. The fit life is about building physically and building mentally. The lessons learned from powering through a tough, physical challenge can be applied to any of life's worst days. Power through. Stay committed. Stay hungry. Always always always be on the hunt to #findthefitinyou. 

Below you'll find a sample of my training regimen for month 1. I still haven't decided which triathlon I want to do. There is a shorter race and a longer race. Depending how my training goes, I'll make a decision. The best part about all of this is that I get to eat A LOT thanks to the excessive amounts of cardio AND I still get to body build which is what I'm most passionate about. Not only do I plan to incorporate lifting into my training regimen, but I also plan to do quite a bit of functional training which will help protect my joints during such a long event. If you have any questions or wish to join me (PLEASE. I NEED YOU.) email me at 





Weight Training: Lower Body

Cardiyour o: Bike 4 miles (outdoor)


Weight Training: NONE

Cardio: 2-3 mile hill run


Weight Training: Upper Body

Cardio: Bike 20 minutes intervals (indoor)


Weight Training: Total Body+Core Functional HIIT

Cardio: Run 2-3 miles flat terrain


Swim 30 min


Yoga and/or massage.