dodgeball_a_true_underdog_story_pro As I write this I am chomping on my 500th piece of sausage corn bread wondering how the hell I'm going to stop eating. Then comes that ever so familiar conversation in my head:

-Starting tomorrow, kale and chicken for every meal, even breakfast!

-That's not realistic, Alex. Come on. You can have eggs for breakfast.

-Ooooohhh breakfast. Waffles sound so yum right now.

-Protein waffles for breakfast!

-Shit I need to work out too. 30 sets of squats it is!

-Well the house is a mess from partying. Cleaning up will be a workout in itself!

-Damn I really want another piece of cornbread. Hank looks like he needs one too...cornbread for everyone!!

This is not even an exaggeration. The cold weather doesn't help either. Right now I just want to curl up with my pup, a burrito, and looks at pictures of puppies and burritos.


It's time for us to get back on track, every single one of us. This is how:

Create a Plan 

Whether it's digital or paper, bust out your calendar. Pull up this coming week. Pick 5 days and write down what workout you'll do each day. It doesn't matter if it is a heavy lifting session or just an intense walk, just get moving! Pick one day, that's your cheat day. Stick to that day only! It will keep you motivated to eat healthy every other day and you eliminate guilt when eating your cheat. Now write down what you'll be eating on your healthier days. Make sure it's realistic! Set yourself up for success, not failure. Chicken and kale for every meal is not realistic. Chicken and kale with a delicious homemade dressing for dinner every night sounds a lot better. Now stick to this plan! Do it every day, just focusing on this week. By the time the following week comes around, you'll be back on track and much more motivated.

Grab a Buddy

This is one of the best tools you could ever incorporate into your workout regimen. Friends keep us accountable. Nobody wants to look like the asshole who bailed on a boot camp date because Netflix. Use your buddy for food too! This is actually a trick from Overeaters Anonymous. (Yes. Hi, my name is Alex and I'm an overeater. You couldn't tell yet?) Report everything you eat daily to each other. This is a great way to stay on track and learn about new recipes to keep things interesting! This leads me to my next point.

Mix It Up

Guess what? Trainers get bored of working out too! I'm at that point right now and I especially need to get my ass in gear because I have that whole triathlon thingy in April. Remember that? Yeah, I hardly do too. So, I'm bringing out the big guns. That means hiring other trainers! In fact, I'm signing up for ClassPass as soon as I'm done with this blog. Believe it or not, I actually really really really believe in what I do, so much so that I hire trainers and attend classes. I was first a client before a trainer and I still stand by that today. There's always more to learn. Trainers teach us new things that can be helpful when working out on our own. Trainers and instructors take the guess work out of the workout. They keep us motivated and focused. Most important, they keep us-here's that special word again-ACCOUNTABLE. I have a handful of clients that have been working with me for years. They're extremely knowledgable at this point but, more than anything, keep me around just to keep them on track.

Now these are all similar to things you've read from this blog before but sometimes we need a good reminder that we are entirely capable of getting back on track. We just need to create a plan, make sure there is enough variety between meals and workouts, then execute. What's my plan? First I'm filling up our fridge with good, wholesome foods. Then I'll plan out my workouts and cheat day. Tomorrow the manfriend and I are buying a punching bag for some morning cardio at home. Just thinking about it is pumping me up! That's how all workouts should make you feel. So now that you know my plan, you can hold me to it! See what I did there?

So what's it gonna be?? Figure out exactly what it is you want and what you need to get there. If you need help, I'm just a quick message away. :)